‘Scenes of the World’
Manifesta13, Les Parallèles du Sud, Marseille

Scenes of the World is a spatial installation by Johann Arens considering the civic potential of public transport and its social significance for the diverse communities of Marseille. The sculptural intervention takes place at Coco Velten, a cultural institution on the premises of the former municipal headquarters of Direction des Routes rue Bernard du Bois.

Throughout the duration of Manifesta it is accompanied by an event programme by Diaspore which invites artists and community groups from Marseille and beyond to work collaboratively and build collective narratives. Using storytelling the programme will question how ideas of territorial intimacy, identity, migration and cohabitation can become progressive infrastructures to rethink the way we live together.

The event program included contributions by; Lea Collet & Swan L’haoua, Theo Turpin, Marleen Boschen, Charles Pryor, Sara Rodrigues, Lou Atessa, Soumiya Sassi, Matteo Demaria & Asso SOS residents, Andrea Moreno & Soumiya Sassy

This exhibition was supported by Region Sud, Mondriaan Fund, Wandsworth Arts, Groupe SOS and Radio Bernard.